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Can I use two different accounts simultaneously on the same PC?

If you have two Live trading accounts with Saxo Bank (e.g. Individual and Joint account or Individual and Corporate account), you can login simultaneously using the following combinations:

  1. On two platforms - SaxoTraderGo and SaxoTrader (downloadable):
    Login with account A on SaxoTraderGo and account B on Saxo Trader (downloadable)
  2. On the same platform - SaxoTrader (downloadable):
    Connect with both accounts, A and B, on SaxoTrader (downloadable) using the same or different workspaces (shortcuts)
  3. On the same platform - SaxoTraderGo:
    Login with account A and B on SaxoTraderGo is possible if you use different browsers, e.g. connect with account A using Google Chrome and with account B using Mozilla Firefox
Please make sure that your PC complies with the system requirements for a power-user.


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