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Stocks and Bonds transfer

Important: once you complete the below steps and click “Submit” you must print, sign & scan the form, and send it via email (or physical mail) to the bank or broker you are transferring the stocks and bonds from. Do not send the printed form to Saxo Bank as we receive your instruction the moment you click “submit” at the end.

Login to SaxoTrader and follow these steps:

  1. Go to the “Account” tab
  2. Click on “Securities Transfer”
  3. Select “To” or “From” Saxo Bank
  4. Select Stocks or Bonds
  5. Click Next

    click images to see full screen

  6. Add information regarding delivering Bank/Broker – be careful to include the country code in the phone number as below:

  7. Click on the “+” to look up the stock you wish to transfer – click “Select” and “OK”
  8. Input the number of shares to transfer
  9. Input the price per share – notice:
    1. Important: you need to use “dot” (“.”) and not “comma” (“,”) to specify decimals
    2. This is the price that you will be seeing as “Open Price” on SaxoTrader – so unrealized profit/loss on SaxoTrader will be calculated based on this number (please consider looking up the price you bought the shares at initially, so you maintain the original “Open Price”)
  10. Click next

  11. Repeat the process for each stock you wish to transfer
  12. If you can’t find a stock you wish to transfer, you can request it be added by clicking “Add New Instrument” - please note: Saxo Bank cannot guarantee we will add all stocks you request – for example, only stocks on Exchanges that are already offered can be added.
  13. Click “Next”

  14. Check that all the information is correct and click “Submit”

Important: the process is not finished – remember to print, sign and scan the form and email it (or send by physical mail) to the bank or broker that you are transferring the stocks or bonds from.



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