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Module linking in SaxoTrader?

In SaxoTrader, you can link modules together to change the displayed instrument across multiple modules together. Typically, I will link trade modules, charts ad news module to a Watchlist and switch trade tickets, charts, news, etc. to the instrument selected in the Watchlist.

A number of link channels are also available and you can have multiple Watchlist controlling different modules throughout the platform.

To link modules together

Right-click into the title bar of the target module and select "Module Linking" then the colour group you want to link to from the submenu:

Note that module linking also works across different Views so all modules in all views linked to the same channel will change together.

When the instrument in a chart is switched by a link to another module, only the instrument will change and studies and the selected chart period will kept.

To unlink modules

To unlink the module entirely, right-click in the title bar of the target module and select "Unlink" from the submenu.


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