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How do I fund my account?

To fund your Saxo Bank A/S account please see the options below:

  1. Bank Transfer   
  2. Credit or debit Card
  3. Stock Transfer
Note: You can only transfer funds/stocks to your Saxo account from an account held in the same name. Third-party transfers will not be accepted.

1. Bank transfer

Funds will usually arrive within 1-5 business days. 
  1. If it's your first funding, login here; if you are an already funded client login here.
  2. Under Account, go to Cash Transactions > Wire Transfer Deposit, select the currency of your transfer and the Saxo account to be funded. All the details you need will be displayed: IBAN, your name and address, SWIFT, name and address of the beneficiary bank, intermediary bank details.

Transfers in DKK from a Danish bank

Please use following details:
Reg. nr.:          1149
Account no. : the last ten digits of your IBAN

Note: Danish clients should not use "straksoverførsel" as this will result in a rejected transfer.

2. Credit or debit card (where applicable)

The Card Payments module is accessible from the Account menu item, by clicking on Credit / Debit Card Deposit. Make your selection on the Transactions screen and then click "Next":

If you are using the card for the first time, insert your card details to complete the transfer, then click on "Make Payment":

Card payments are credited to your trading account at Saxo Bank with immediate effect, making them much faster than a normal bank transfer.

If you are a new client wishing to make your first deposit (to activate your account), then card payments will only be available once your card has been approved by our Onboarding staff. Once approved you will be able to fund and recieve your login instructions.

Note: The Credit /  Debit Card Deposit module is not available to all clients. Please click here, and select "How to fund with Credit and Debit Cards" for more information.

3. Stock transfer

Transfer your stock portfolio to Saxo and use it for collateral trading. To transfer stocks to your account, we require information about your current portfolio, as well as where they are currently held. To submit a stock transfer request, login with your Saxo User ID and password, then from Account go to Securities Transfer. If it's your first funding, login here; if you are an already funded client login here

Note: Stock transfer can take some time to process, as the request needs to also be processed by your current portfolio holder when Saxo contacts them on your behalf.


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