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How can I calculate the end equity amount shown on the Financial Statement?

The End Equity amount that is shown on the Financial Statement can be calculated by doing the following:

End Balance +/- Total value of the open positions

The total value of the open positions is not present on the report, so therefore you will need to add/subtract the amounts shown by expanding the data shown in the table. 

In the below example, the End Equity of the XXXXINET account is:

"Value" of the positions on the account (116,119.60 + 17,160.00 + 17,160.00 + 22,240.00 + 3,240.00 + 28,800.00 = DKK 204,719.60) plus "End Balance" (DKK 107,380.65) = 312,100.25.

See 1 +2 + 3 in the below screenshot.

The calculation must be done for each account.

Click to open in full screen:


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