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How many credit cards can I use for funding?

You can use up to 3 credit cards to fund your account. These must all be registered in your name.

There is no need to register the card in advance, the card will be automatically registered when you use it, up to a maximum of 3 cards.

Please find more information regarding credit card funding and restrictions in the file “How to fund with credit and debit cardshere.

If you experience adding 3 cards, deactivating one, and then having problems adding a third active card, then please try to change platform:

- if you are on SaxoTrader go to SaxoTraderGO;
- if you are on the SaxoTraderGO go to SaxoTrader

If you haven’t installed the downloadable platform, for instance if you are a Mac user, using the SaxoTraderGO exclusively, then please try using a different browser.


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